Layering Necklaces 101

September 15th, 2015

Layering delicate necklace pieces is one the hottest trends of 2015. The beauty of layering is in the possibilities and the versatility it offers. Create your own layers by mixing and matching individual pieces to add scope to your style.  Set yourself apart with thousands of jewelry combinations.  Need some inspiration? Here are our three favorite ways to layer.



Don’t be afraid to spice up something big with something delicate. Highlight your designer pendant while wearing your favorite go-to sentimental piece. Layering these pieces calls attention to a standout piece of jewelry making your designer piece casual and versatile. Swap the initial for a cross or a diamond pendant. The key is the size proportion.  Your large piece should be approximately four times bigger than your other pieces.


Diamond and Sapphire Pendant Necklace with diamonds on white gold chain


Layering lavishly is easy if you simply wear the same color gold.  Contrasting shapes look great together, just look below to see how this arrow necklace goes great with an oval morganite pendant.





Take layering to all new heights and add a lavalier  or “Y” necklace. The necklaces’ length elongates the body adding a pop of style. Layering these three pieces creates a cohesive look. Evenly space necklaces in ascending order from small to large adds a lengthening effect. Look below to see how groups of three are visually appealing.


Use these tips to fill your collection with fun combinations that show you know how to wear your jewelry in style.  For more information on how to layer your necklaces or schedule a personal jewelry styling session, please call Cook Diamonds at 214.745.1622.

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