Holiday 2015 Gift Ideas

Holiday 2015 Gift Ideas Pariba Tourmaline Jewelry One-of-A-Kind

Wow the hard to shop for woman in your life this holiday season with stunning Paraiba tourmaline gemstones.

This mesmerizing gemstone is one of the most sought-after stones for the dramatic blue-green sparkle it emits and their rarity—exclusively sourced in Paraiba, Brazil. With their eye-popping shades of emerald and turquoise, this ring and earring set is sure to make an unforgettable addition to any wardrobe!

Ring In The Holidays

When you’re seeking a colorful splash of bling for the special someone in your life, this splendid gemstone ring fits the bill beautifully. Sparkling white diamonds border a cluster of Paraiba tourmaline gemstones in a contemporary, free-form design. The dazzling colors will add the element of surprise and flair to any outfit, and will look absolutely stunning with a little black dress or a pair of blue jeans. All in all, this is a must-have item for every stylish girl’s jewelry wardrobe.



Shimmering Glamour

Pair the above ring with these delicate yet divine earrings. Featuring a full carat of tourmaline stones these aqua colored stunners will ensure they light up the day (and the night) for many holidays to come.Pariaba-Gemstone-Diamond-Earrings

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Holiday 2015 Gift Ideas

October birthstone opal stud earrings, opal lariate necklace, opal and tanzinite earrings with diamonds

Opal, the traditional birthstone for October, has been described as the “Queen of All Gemstones” and revered for the vibrant color variations it displays. Opals, with their flickering play of color are found in various enchanting colors and all shades of intense blue and green with flashes of fiery red. Their colors are so vibrant they demand attention and are the perfect statement piece.

This natural gem is hard to find and creates interesting one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for an October birthday present. From earrings to rings to necklaces these opals are sophisticated and intriguing.

Here are our top picks for October birthday presents:



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