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Military Discount

Cook Diamonds proudly honors the fighting men and women of our armed forces with a 10% Military Discount on all our diamond jewelry. Cook Diamonds offers more than 35 years of knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the best value when purchasing that perfect diamond engagement ring, wedding band or special piece of jewelry.

Cook Diamonds is happy to help meet your needs with Military Discounts on all our designer jewelry. Our professional sales staff will be happy to help provide you with details about discounts for all of our fighting men and women from the Air Force, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, National Guard and Navy.

Diamond Sourcing

Kimberly Process

The Kimberly Process was initiated in the year 2000 through the joint efforts of the UN, diamond producing states, diamond industry representatives and the NGOs.  The objective: to ensure that no “conflict diamonds” enter the world market.  Close to 70 governments participate in the Kimberly Process representing most of the top players in the production and trade of rough diamonds.  The Kimberly Process established a certification system which has been in effect since January 1, 2003.  Rough diamonds must be exported in sealed containers with numbered, government issued certificates of origin. A country found to be non-compliant may be sanctioned and barred from all future trade of diamonds, which has already occurred.  The result: More than 99% of rough diamonds in circulation in 2006 were certified as coming from conflict free sources. The Kimberly Process continues to seek improvements in an effort to reach a goal of 100%.

Voluntary System of Warranties

The system of Warranties is complimentary to the Kimberly Process.  The entire diamond industry has pledged its support to end the sale of conflict diamonds with additional measures applying to jewelry and diamond manufacturing and sales.  Every seller of cut diamonds issues a Statement of Warranty that is passed on each time the diamond changes hands.  The statement attests that the diamond is conflict-free and appears on all invoices submitted throughout the diamond’s journey.
At Cook Diamonds, we have subjected all our diamond purchases to the System of Warranties since the scheme was introduced in January 2003.  We require a Statement of Warranty to be formalized on every diamond-related invoice we receive. Our commitment to excellence covers ethical, social and environmental policies and extends beyond the scope of diamonds to all our product lines. Cook Diamonds engages in long term relationships with suppliers who share our values.  We work with our suppliers on a daily basis to help them respect and uphold our commitments to excellence.

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