August Birthstone- Peridot

August 27th, 2015

The month of August is most widely remembered from childhood as the last month of summer vacation where the nights shorten and the summer temperatures are the hottest. As an adult, we love this month for the rich green colored birthstone, peridot.  Peridot emanates a golden glow from within. This glow imparts a yellowish green hue making admirers green with envy over the shine and luster it casts off as light passes through it.

Most people associate peridot with its most plentiful lighter pistachio shades. While the lighter hues are wonderful, the finest peridot have a darker more radiant green with a hint of gold. It is in this lush hue that you see peridot’s true splendor. Peridot-August-Birthstone-Ring-Earrings-Studs-Diamond-Halo

The finest peridot gems form over millions of years deep within the Earth’s upper mantle (20 to 55 miles deep). Diamonds are the only precious stone that form deeper. Peridot only comes to the surface through volcanic eruption or tectonic force so we find it on or near volcanoes and in mountainous regions where tectonic plates have clashed and risen; Myanmar, China, Africa, Australia, and the USA. Peridot from each geographical region has a particular hue which reflects the amount of iron in the soil. Peridot from Myanmar has a vivid light green with fine inclusions, while American peridot found in Arizona has a golden brown hue. Peridot from Pakistan has very fine traces of iron resulting in the rich, vibrant green.

“Peridot” received its distinctive name from the Arabic word faridat, meaning “unique” or “precious gem.” Whether you were born in August or just love the rich yellowish green hue, peridot is a gem stone that compliments any jewelry wardrobe.

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